Beautiful Promise Day Quotes and Messages for Boyfriend


Everyone needs someone to walk with, to talk with, to whom you could say your heart’s talk, to whom you could tell your heart’s secrets. And who could it be more than your boyfriend. It is a special friend whom you love with heart, total commitment, with whom you want to take your life’s last breath. For him, from you, here are some special promise day quotes and messages for boyfriend, yours, that you love to say to him. Make him feel special on this promise day. 

And we think that a girl without a boy is waste and a boy without a girl is waste totally. If you haven’t made a boyfriend in your life then what you have done in your life? Make one and spend your life with him as you want to and when you have found one, a good one for your life then say our beautiful promise day quotes and messages for boyfriend, yours. It is just to let him know how much you love him. You girls go through many relationships in your life. We think that rather going through many, you should go through one, committed one that can give you the combination of many. And in valentine week, when you want to express your love to your boyfriend, then say our emotional promise day quotes and messages for your boyfriend, and make a promise to him that you would never leave him in any condition and situation. This is the promise you must make to each other. 

Beautiful Promise Day Quotes and Messages for Boyfriend

A boyfriend fulfils your life in many ways. You also must take care of his feelings rather than just taking him for granted. Just say I love you to him. If you feel it then say it rather than waiting for him to turn on. There is no first and second in relationship and who says I love you first. It is not the case. If you want to express your love, you can do it through beautiful promise day quotes and messages for boyfriend that we have written for you. We just want to say enjoy your life and say and express whatever you want to someone. Happy promise day to you all. 

I love you. I love you to the very core of your life and breathe. And I promise that I will be yours only.

More than moon, I want you. More than water, I want you. More than roses, I want you. And more than me I want you. 

You will be always my charm of my life without whom I could not think I could go forward in life. And you will always be mine. I promise. 

I would end my life with you and I will only start with you. 

I make your life happy and filled with everything whatever you want from me. I promise.

I will be your reflection and shadow that never be depart and apart from you. 

I’m your fish, you are my water. You are my soul. You are my life. You are my star that will always shine. And I promise that I will be always by your side. 

In every hardship, in every happiness, in every struggle of life, in every dark; I would be with you. I promise you my love. 

When you need me the most, I will be always there for you. I commit to you.

I want to fulfill every promise with you and I only want to take every promise for you only. 

Through heaven and hell, I am forever going with you. No one could stop me to be of you, not even me also. You are my love, you are my sky on whose lap you want to sleep.

The way you move, I want to move. The way you smile, I want to smile. I like you. You don’t know how much. It is my life that I promise to you. 

All could die, this whole world too but I want to live for you, with you. You are my Brad Pitt, much handsome than him. 

These all above-mentioned are the promise day wishes and messages. Some of the best that you can’t find anywhere else on the internet. Originally written and coined. Text them, write them in cards, say for your friend, lover and make your this coming promise day wonderful. 

You can also use these messages as promise day quotes and glue them in your room’s wall, Than any other thing happening on this promise day, one promise that you must do to someone, is yourself. Do promise to yourself also that you try to achieve everything in life what you want to and bring glory to yourself that everyone would praise you. It is the promise that you should to yourself. 

Yes, do to your boyfriend also. Have faith and loyalty towards him, treat him good and get back also from him with grace whatever you deserve. Besides all this, valentine day is also coming. We have valentine day messages too if you are looking for some new ones. 

Moreover, happy promise day to you also. And we promise to you also, our readers, that we always try to bring best and original content for you provided you would never get bored of us. 

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