Friendship Day Messages Sunday, 4 August

The friendship day is celebrated to mark friendship. It is the day when friends show love and respect toward each other by tying a friendship band, which is the synonym of bonding. Talking about the history of this day then Friendship day is an important festival of Latin America and Asian countries. The festival was first celebrated in 1958 in Paraguay, and then it was marked as International Friendship Day.

Friendship Day Messages

Lady Luck sure favours me. That is why she made you my friend. Happy Friendship Day!

Lucky to have the coolest guy in college as my best friend. Happy Friendship Day!

Though you are my best friend but sometimes you also act as my mentor. Happy Friendship Day!

Whenever I am in trouble you are always there by my side. You are a true friend.

I will never be lonely, because I have such a wonderful friend like you. Happy Friendship Day!

May the bonds that we share continue to grow stronger. Happy Friendship Day!

Your friendship is the greatest gift of my life. Wishing you a very happy Friendship Day!

You met me as a stranger, but with time became a part of my life. Happy Friendship Day!

It is tough to find trustworthy friends. I am so lucky to have found you. Happy Friendship Day!

May our friendship last till the very end. Wishing you a very happy Friendship Day!

With time our friendship has grown stronger. May we never part. Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship is more expensive than anything in this world as it does not have any price tag. Happy Friendship Day!

I feel proud, I am your friend. People who make fun of you, does know that you’re an asset.

Funny Friendship Messages

You have been with me in all stupid things that happened to me, now I wonder if those incidents were because of u!

You know why you are my best friend? Coz only you are stupider than me.

You know what, my parents say, ur friend has spoiled you. But sadly! They don’t know who has done what.

Mom gave me five reasons to breakup withu, you known what I did then, I gave her 10 reasons to be with u.

I am there to help you anytime, but not in the night, early morning and afternoon.

Good Friendship

You are the friend I never want to get cut off. You too forget me not

Our parents know us, but friend is the one who understand us. This bonding start, where others end.

Friendship is the promise made in the heart, and this promise remains unchangeable and unbreakable

Friendship is a relationship that does not work on funda of give and take, it works on giving and forget.

Friendship is the only relationship that we chose, that is why, it has least expectations and more bonding.

Cute Friendship Messages

Your are my friend coz, I never feel like saying sorry to you even on my biggest mistake.

One friendship makes the life sweet and full of memories. And I have so many friends, imagine!

Our friendship is different and no one can understand that, except you and me.

My mom says, you have spoiled me, but only we know that no one can spoil us.

Friendship Messages For Her

You are a true friend indeed, thanks for doing all the favors and supporting me ever.

I hate studying, but love to go to school. You know why, just to see my friend who is so cute.

Day or night, Monday or Sunday, with you my friend, everyday is a fun day.

Friendship does have Sunday or Monday, weekend or weekday. It remains fresh, always and ready for you.

Only after getting you as a friend, I understood, why it is said that friendship is the best relationship in this world.


Friendship Messages For Girlfriend

Do you know what makes our bonding stronger, its not the trust or love, but the bond of friendship.

Promise me, even if we hurt each other, we will not break our friendship bond.

Now, when you have become my girlfriend, I want to say you will always be my best friend.

Let’s make a promise that we will never break the friendship and trust between us in any case.

A good friendship is not those that demands, but it is those that understands before one demands.


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