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This Ghost Town In California Can Soon Become Your Next Holiday Spot. Would You Dare To Go?

the ghost town in California. Known as Cerro Gordo, a mining town that struck silver in 1865, this town had been abandoned for years. Though, the reason why it’s worth knowing about it now is that it might soon be turned into an exciting holiday destination. Yes, you read that right!

1. Ridgecrest

A few people still live in the heart of Ridgecrest, but the rest of the inhabitants have been driven out for a mysterious reason.
They fled leaving all kinds of strange things behind, which makes the outskirts of town worth a trip.
People left cars, tires, stoves, fridges, and even clothing behind as they fled.

2. Johannesburg

This old town that was named after a South African mine.
Residents hoped that this name would bring them luck, but that was sadly not true.
A few people still live on the outskirts of the town, but the rest of the community is gone.
There is an abandoned playground in the town with only a few places to play, surrounded by the empty desert.

3. Keeler

Keeler is another town that was abandoned because of losing its water supply.
The city management for Los Angeles drained all the water toward LA, leaving nothing for the people back in Keeler.
Those who didn’t have the means to leave the town died lonely deaths. Their ghosts now reportedly roam the area.
Today, Keeler is a huge dust bowl with plenty of abandoned trailers.

4. Red Mountain

Here is another dead town, also found in the Randsburg mining district.
People used to live in Red Mountain because of the gold mine nearby, but there were a lot of other illicit businesses.
The bars and brothels were legendary in this town, but many of the working women were killed in disputes among miners.

5. Garlock

This ghost town in California is about fifteen miles down the road from the nearest living town.
It used to have a school, a church, and an actual literary society.
Unlike all of the other ghost towns in the area, Garlock did not fail because of a mine.
The water supply to the town mysteriously dried up, leaving no water for everyone in the town.

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6. Jericho, Nevada County

This was a bustling settlement since 1873 which has at present been reduced to the stature of a ghost town.

7. Calico, San Bernadino

Situated in the Calico Mountains (of Mojave desert) the foundation stone of this town was laid in 1881. Famed for its silver mines, during its heydays, the town also had a post office (establish at the beginning of 1882), a weekly newspaper named as the Calico Print, five general stores, a meat market, three hotels, brothels, bars, three restaurants, and boarding houses. There were also two lawyers, two constables, two doctors, five commissioners, a deputy sheriff as well as a JP (Justice of Peace). Silver production reached its height from 1883 to 1885 with Calico having more than 500 mines and over 1200 people living there. Its fortunes further increased when colemanite had been discovered in Calico mountains. With a decrease in the value of silver, the population depreciated rapidly transforming it into a ghost town. Presently the community has been transformed into a park named as Calico Ghost Town.

9. Cerro Gordo, Inyo County

They are abandoned mines in the Inyo Mountains adjacent to Lone Pine where mining operations had been undertaken from 1866 till 1957. High-grade silver, zinc ore, and lead were some of the produces. Silver and lead mining and production of zinc peaked during the 1880s and 1910. 

10. Deadwood, Placer County

Deadwood, a town in the Placer County was established in the year 1852 post the discovery of gold in the adjacent areas. There were about 500 people residing here during its heydays but the population went on to decline in 1855 after the resources came to an end, transforming it into a ghost town.

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